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April 26th 2022 – Latest news from Bookings Secretary, Nic Snell

Cardiff sailing and Move to Milford Haven

April sailing from Cardiff has been a great success with lots of skippers and crew experiencing  the fantastic trip into Bristol. I did it twice and it really is fantastic in terms of a complete sailing experience particularly for potential newcomers to sailing. Is this not a great way to encourage new members next year?

The boat was used for 11 days during April plus 3 days delivery trip from Milford Haven and 2 more days this week returning the boat to Milford – That’s good Spring income for the club and massively exceeds last year. Boat is in great shape too!

Thanks for David J for organising the moorings at Cardiff Bay Yacht club which worked well and saved a lot of money over using Penarth marina.

By Friday, Auburn Lass will be in Milford Haven until the end of May when David J and his crew will take the boat to Plymouth for summer bookings.

Milford Sailing in May – Great sailing to be had for one, two days or more and the boat is presently free all month so get your dates booked, but even if short notice, just let me know, its sitting there ready to sail.

Summer Sailing in Plymouth

The boat is booked for 12 weeks from 11th June to 16th Sept which includes the return trip to Milford.

Only weeks now free are: 18th – 24th June and 2nd – 8th July. So, last chance to get some sailing in Plymouth, let me know what suits – Nic.

April 16th 2022

New member Tom Tibbits undertook and passed an HSC Skipper Assessment by David Johnson. This was a one day familiarisation exercise in Cardiff Bay followed by a test sail of Auburn from Cardiff to Weston-Super-Mare and back. Tom is a very experienced Yachtsman so there was never any real doubt that he would pass.

January 7th 2022

HSC AGM announced to be at the Hereford Rowing Club at 7:00 p.m. This is the recent email from David Johnson, the club secretary:-

Hi everyone,

You have probably already heard that we have delayed the HSC AGM in view of the current Omicron Covid spike.  –  from January 13th to Thursday, 10th February at 7pm. at Hereford Rowing Club(with a  prior Committee meeting at 6pm) We hope that by then the numbers of new infections will have died down. – and that we can then meet more safely.  PLEASE WEAR MASKS & WE WILL SOCIALLY DISTANCE 2m. What times we live in!

A room has been hired for the AGM. Pizza and rolls will be on sale behind the bar and if members think they would like food , the Rowing Club  would appreciate some  idea of numbers. 

Please can you email our treasurer- Graham Sole in good time- if you would like to order pizza or rolls before the AGM ( grahamsole3@gmail.com).

I am attaching an Agenda , so that you can print this out, and bring it to the meeting. The minutes of the last Committee meeting will give you an idea of the Club’s current direction of travel. (attached files can be seen in the General Folder on Dropbox)

 The Covid pandemic curtailed our sailing activities in 2020, and we were very worried about the Club finances  -with continuing marina  & maintenance costs etc and very little income. 2021 was a much better year and we had a very successful sailing season when based in Plymouth for the summer. The Club is in a much improved situation with several enthusiastic new members and we look forwards to good sailing in 2022.

Auburn Lass is currently out of the water in a cradle at Milford Haven Marina until mid-February, when she will be relaunched. Winter maintenance is being organised and carried out by our bosun, Graham Harrison. I know that he would very much appreciate an email from you and offers of help with work parties during January for specific tasks. (weekend 21st/22nd January for hull cleaning & polishing)

I look forwards to seeing everyone at the AGM in February and to good sailing in 2022.

Happy New Year.

Kind regards,

David Johnson.

Secretary HSC.


October 2nd 2021

Auburn Lass arrived in Milford Haven Marina at 17:40 UTC having been sailed through the night and most of the previous day from Newlyn by Skipper David Johnson and his crew. This was the final leg of the delivery trip from Plymouth which started on September 26th

September 24th 2021

New member Chris Palmes successfully completed 5 days of preparation followed by an exam to obtain the RYA Yachtmaster Coastal Skipper certificate. The preparation was directed by RYA Instructor Peter French of the Searegs Training of Plymouth. HSC Secretary David Johnson was on board to act as crew and pass Chris as an HSC skipper. HSC members Alex Dufort and Kevin Basden also helped with crewing the boat.

September 11th 2021

The penultimate summer charter of Auburn Lass from Plymouth sees Mike Charlton take Auburn Lass for a cruise. Prior to this, some 12 weeks have been booked by HSC members in the summer season. This season can be considered a success given the restrictions imposed as a result of the Covid-19 epidemic.

June 12th 2021

HSC Secretary David Johnson inaugurates the HSC sailing season proper with a week’s cruise.

June 5th 2021

Nic Snell as skipper, with help from Mike Charlton and other members, successfully delivered Auburn Lass to Mayflower Marina in Plymouth without incident.

May 1st 2021

Auburn Lass has been lifted out of the water at Milford Marina for repairs to the rudder and other essential mantenance. The intention is to have her back in the water on the first suitable tide, which won’t be until the end of May. A work schdule for maintenance by HSC volunteers is being developed by bosun Graham Harrison.

January 2021: Auburn Lass is berthed at Milford Mariana. The intention is to keep her there until late Spring. The actual date will depend on the Covid-19 restrictions in Wales at that time.

October 17th 2020: Auburn Lass has been sailed sucessfully around South Wales and Pembrokeshire by several members since July and will shortly be hoisted out for winter storage on the hard at Milford Marina.

July 25 2020: At the start of the Covid-19 virus emergency, the HSC Committe decided to keep Auburn Lass in Milford Haven and no further sailing was undertaken. Being in Milford presented the club with the opportunity to carry out further refurbishment and upgrades to Auburn Lass. The work was carried out by Windjammer Marine. The yacht is now in the water and being used within the Welsh National Government Covid-19 guidelines.

Picture from Windjammer Marine – Auburn Lass on her berth at Milford Marina.

March 13th 2020 – Auburn Lass was hoisted back into the water at Milford Haven Marina.

October 30th 2019 Auburn Lass due to be moved onto the hard at Milford.

October 21st 2019 Nic Snell and crew deliver Auburn Lass safely to Milford Haven Marina.

September 19th/20st 2019: Tom Whyatt and crew make another successful training trip up the Avon to moor in Bristol Docks as part of the HSC Day Sailing week.

September 4th 2019: Auburn Lass returns to base at Penarth Quays

September 2nd 2019: Auburn Lass propellor seals replaced in sling at Mayflower Marina.

July 29 to August 2nd 2019: Auburn Lass in Plymouth Yacht Haven for repairs to fresh water tank.

July 21st 2019: Auburn Lass returns to Mayflower Marina after a successful two weeks cruise of the Channel Islaands and North Brittany by two crews.

May 11th 2019: Auburn Lass arrived safely in Plymouth on Saturday after an overnight delivery from Penarth by David Edwards and crew. She is now berthed at the Mayflower Marina.

May 9th: A committee meeting took place at Hereford Rowing Club followed by informal drinks at the bar. Minutes of the meeting will be posted on the general Folder on Dropbox.

May 3rd 2019: Friday marked the last day of the very successful HSC Day Sailing event in which a mixture of members and guests crewed Auburn Lass out of Penarth for a day at a time. All who took part said that they enjoyed the event, despite some crews experiencing poor sailing conditions. Pictures of the crews to be seen here:

April 24th 2019: Peter Girven has completed his assessment with Tom Whyatt and crew and is now a club skipper. Congratulations to Peter.

April 6 2019 : John Taylor has produced a series of videos starring Alex Dufort covering the various the topics that he presented to members at the recent skippers briefing. The videos required a great deal of effort in filming and editing so we have to thank John for this valuable contribution to the club.

The videos can be seen on Youtube using this link:


Click on “uploads” to see the full set.